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Cartoon  Conversations  (on  teaching,  learning  and  life)

Taken  from  the  sayings  and  cartoons  from  Reflections  on  Classroom  Thinking  Strategies’ (11th  edition  2017.  ©  Eric  Frangenheim,  Rodin  Educational  Consultancy)

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These cartoons and reflective questions are intended to help children and young people learn the art of conversation. Teachers, educators, parents and carers will find these cartoons are a simple, fun and challenging way to encourage and enable young people to be deeper thinkers, to see the bigger picture and to consider others’ views as well as their own. As an education consultant, I have used these cartoons for many years with great success in classrooms with students, as well as in teacher professional development workshops, staff meetings and corporate workshops with educators and business leaders. I invite you to have a lot of fun with this book and to find a way to make it your own – whether in your classroom, board room, or home. Read more about this book below…






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Cartoon Conversations: For Teaching, Learning and Life 

Purpose  1:  Schools

For  Classrooms

As  teachers,  we  must  encourage  our  students  to  understand  that  what  we  learn  in the  classroom  is  not  just  for  this  lesson,  this  unit,  the  exams  and  something  called ‘the  curriculum’.  Instead,  the  purpose  of  learning  and  thinking  is  to  challenge  our students  to be  more  philosophical,  to  see  the  larger  picture,  to  realise  that  what  is happening  in the  classroom  ‘now’  has  far-reaching  implications  and  ramifications, that  the  future  is  being  made  right  now  and  that  they  can  be  actors  and  in  control of  their  lives;  they  need  never  be  victims.  Learning  is  an  important  opportunity  for our  students  to  engage  in  serious  and  honest  reflection  (preferably,  using  humour and  lighter  discussion)  so  that  they  can  look  at  themselves  with  honesty  and humility.  Students  are  then  in  a  position  to  analyse  their  thoughts  and  actions, evaluate  these  and,  where  there  is  a  deficit,  look  to  design  better  options. These  cartoon  conversations  also  make  a  fun  ice-breaker  activity  for  school  camps and  holiday  programs,  for  example.

For  Staff  Meetings

These  cartoons  can  be  used  as  an  ice-breaker  in  the  first  few  minutes  of  any  meeting. Simply  choose  one  cartoon  and  one  question,  use  a  Think:Pair  strategy  and  then  ask some  of  the  pairs  to  Share  their  ideas  or  responses.  I  am  sure  that  these  cartoon conversations  will  help  to  energise  the  staff,  enable  some  humorous  exchanges  and boost  collegiality.  What  a  positive  way  to  prepare  them  for  the  rest  of  the  meeting or  PD  session!

Purpose  2:  Families

These  cartoons  can  be  used  in  homes  for  parents  to  encourage  conversations,  discussion and  reflection  about  learning  and  life  in  general  with  their  children.  Parents  who encourage  critical  and  creative  thinking  and  respect  the  art  of  conversation  in  their family  home  provide  a  wonderful  foundation  for  their  children  to  have  independent thoughts  and  engage  in  more  intelligent  and  substantive  conversation.